​Journalists and reporters who are (metaphorically) in bed with politicians or the establishment.

Presstitutes engage in spewing their opinions favoring the given narrative rather than neutrally reporting news.

Almost all of modern news media is comprised of presstitutes.

Alpha widow

A woman who has been in relationship with an alpha male in the past and would likely never get over him or forget him no matter how many good men come in her life. Hence, such a woman is like a widow.

A woman who once tastes the cock of an uber alpha is rendered forever insatiable by other nice men – especially the nice men.

It does not matter if she is “widowed” for she is dumped by the alpha or she had to let go of the alpha because she could not get him to love her enough.


​Sexual identification used by people who want to appear intelligent but are likely anything but.

The term literally means one who is sexually attracted by intelligence of others.

In reality, no man or woman finds intelligence sexually attractive.


​Sheep is the category of people who often subscribe to the popular and politically correct ideas.

Consciously or not, they always hold stances that have support of the majority.

They follow the herd. Hence, sheep are also said to have herd mentality.

Media zombie

​Media zombies are people who only know to relentlessly consume information fed by media without intellectually processing it.

They have no ability to tell good information source from bad; and they are prime targets of click-baiting stories and sensationalism of all media.

They invariably belong to the category of people called sheep.